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Why make it complicated when it CAN be easy and FUN?  If you have tried other programs to help you learn EKG's and you are still confused this class is for you! 

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My mission is to help you succeed! What would it be like to feel comfortable reading ekgs? And actually looking forward to them? Feel the confidence of finally knowing how to read an EKG with online classes and workshops that fit your schedule. 



Jennifer lectures nationally on EKG's and cardiology topics. She is the lead EKG instructor for two hospital groups.

She also works in cardiology and in the emergency room.  She has a special interest in electrophysiology, but her focus is on preventative care.  

She makes EKG's less intimidating by teaching students the "CHIEF COMPLAINT BASED APPROACH"  to pick up high risk EKG findings that can lead to sudden death.

How Can I Get Started?

1. Get ready to have fun

This is a case based course with some review at the beginning. If you need a rhythm review, jump to the bottom of this page for an offer just for you.

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3. Feel Confident

Feel confident and inspired when reading your EKG's instead of confused and afraid you'll miss a high risk finding.

"I just completed Jen's workshop. I have struggled with EKG's. She really simplified complex topics in a way that helped me understand. The resources she provided were also helpful. I am so grateful, this was super helpful. "

Kerry L. PA-C

What is the secret to reading EKG's?

Pattern recognition. You don't have to know everything about EKG's. Just how to NOT miss the big stuff.

EKG Workshops & Classes

The EKG Workshop

Case based insights you can use the same day in clinic. Learn the material at your own pace on any internet connected device. Pause, playback and rewatch as many times as you need to master reading EKG's.

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"I'm confident you'll enjoy every minute of your class. If not, simply email us within 30 Days and I'll refund your purchase. No questions asked." - Jennifer

Case Based Learning

Recent case studies that highlight high risk findings and how not to miss them!

I used to be scared of EKG's too. We DON'T get enough training on them in school. So I had to find a way to figure it out! It turns out that by using my chief complaint based approach, you can learn most of what you need to know to stay safe. Sadly the machine software will often lead us astray. Check back for the Basic EKG Review coming soon!

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5 Can't Miss Murmurs! Grab a copy of my free Ebook on how not to miss them. 

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