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EKG Launchpad



  • Basic rhythms
  • Basic 12 Lead EKG 
  • Sample Cases
  • STEMI identification


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30 Day 30 EKG Challenge

$99 - $399

Most Popular (One time)

  • Daily EKG Cases
  • 15 Category 1 CME
  • 3 nights a week live with EKG Coaching
  • Access to Video Vault including topics like: Heart failure, Advanced EKG interpretation, cardiac pharmacology, EKG Terminology.
  • (Next Challenge Starts January 2022) 
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Self Paced Basic 12 Lead Course


One Time

  • 2 Hours of Basic Rhythms
  • 3 Hour Hands On EKG Course
  • 3 Hours Basic 12 Lead Intro
  • 8 Hours of CE for PA/NP/EMS/RN


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  AN EKG a Day! Plus...

❤️   Basic Rhythm Interpretation
❤️   EKG Terminology
❤️   Basic 12 Lead Interpretation
❤️   4 Hour Hands On EKG Workshop
❤️   Pre Op Clearance evaluations
❤️   Inside Your Cardio Consult
❤️   Pacemakers - How they affect the EKG
❤️   Challenging Cardiology Cases
❤️   Cardiac Pharmocology
❤️   Advanced EKG Interpretation
❤️   Study Halls with the coaches! 
❤️   LVAD Demo 
❤️   Advanced Lipid Management

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Self Paced Courses

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Wave Street Studios, Monterey, CA

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30 Days Challenge Coaches Blog

Dave the Medic

Welcome to the Bumps and Squiggles where we'll break down complex ECG's.

Author: David White

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Scope Education

Welcome to Small City Open Prehospital Education

Author: Matt Holden

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KG/EKG Press

EKG Interpretation Blog

Author: Ken Grauer, MD

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