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Are you ready to be less afraid of EKG's? 

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You're Invited....

To be ready to be less afraid of EKG's!

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We have got a lot to show you. 

This is where beginners come to learn in a supportive environment. With coaches that root you on as you go!


Join Us Live!

Every Monday at 4 PM PST!

(In A Zoom Classroom)


Basic EKG is the FOCUS!

Grasp the Basics with repetition. Get WEEKLY guided practice. 

We go back to Square One

Get a bonafide step by step system to make sure you never miss a high risk finding again on EKG! 

And then build on that as we go!

Hands on Practice

Jen and the EKG Coaches will give you practice EKG's that we work through together!

What do we COVER? 


Go back to the basics reviewing each wave, the intervals and what each part of the conduction system does. 

Rhythm Practice Do multiple strips to get real time practice

Use the systematic approach and get the EKG right every time. 

 Be able to ask questions LIVE: Ask questions AS WE go in real time so you don't struggle anymore! 

What is a Q wave and when do I worry about it?

Lesson 4: In fact, have multiple coaches to see their different viewpoints on how to read an EKG. 

Lesson 5:  Making bundle branch blocks easy...finally. 

 4 Live Lessons a week: And so much more!


Only $24.99/mo

(You can stay in as long as you want or cancel anytime)

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